And voila, a website of a coffee shop which my husband and I just opened in June of 2015.  At this moment this site is just a one, simple .html page but I will be working on something more substantial soon.  Please come visit me there, we are quite proud of it! […]

Gigi Blin Market Cafe

This is a very simple portfolio of an on-set movie hairstylist.  Please click on the image to see the full site.

Debra Jean Cinema

This is a fairly new community blog type of website. Its goal is to cover local news and provide resource information of Main Street in Vancouver. All images on this site are taken and created by me. To visit it please click on the image above.   Three different logo variations:

Vancouver at Mid Main

This website’s goal is to provide high school basketball athletes and coaches with the most up to date information regarding game times, tournaments, rules and everything else that is related to the BC Secondary Schools Girls Basketball Association. This is a site re-design from an old ASPX Microsoft site into a […]

BC Secondary Schools Girls Basketball Association

Oil and Gas Investments (OGIB) is a subscription service bulletin that finds, researches, and profiles growing oil and gas companies. I have redesigned this site from an old WordPress theme that was no longer compatible with new updates into a new custom frame. This new site has an option to […]

Oil and Gas Investments Bulletin

This is a simple site representing a small, local computer networking company. It is built using HTML and CSS. To see it fully please click on the image.

TD Computer Solutions

This is a restaurant site that I built using HTML and CSS. To see it fully please click on the image above. I also built a separate Kino Cafe mobile site which one could easily view on their smart phone at (See the image below)

Kino Cafe Flamenco Tapas Bar

This is a preschool website that I built using HTML and CSS. It is one of my first sites and it’s nice to see that it is still functional. To see it fully please click on the image.

Brentwood Nursery School

This is my first portfolio.  I built it while I was a student at BCIT.  It was my final project and it showcases some of the work I had completed during my year there. All of the images are original, created by me in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. To see […]

My original portfolio